Tampering Week: Shawne Williams


2010-2011 Stats: 64 GP, 11 GS, 20.7 MPG, 7.1 PPG, 3.7 RPG, 0.7 APG, 0.8 BPG, 0.6 SPG, .426 FG%, .401% 3P%, .837 FT%, 12.3 PER

Why Billy King Should Be Texting Him Right Now: Shawne Williams is one of the best three-point shooters in the league. Williams shot an eFG% of 60.2% from three, which is 10% higher than league average. He can space the floor for a dynamic point guard like Deron Williams. Whenver Deron is playing with him, Shawne Williams will benefit from a plethora of open shots. Shawne is also a very efficient offensive player, with an offensive rating of 111, very much above the league average. He’s also only 25, so his production shouldn’t decrease over the next few seasons. Basically, Shawne Williams will provide the Nets with dynamic shooting as well as the honor of having the most Sean/Shaun/Shawne Williams’ in league history.

Don’t Risk the Fine: This is a loaded section. Firstly, Williams has had major character issues throughout his entire career. The guy has probably the ugliest record of any player in the league (ok, it’s close between him and Ron Artest). To wit: in 2007, Williams was charged with possession of marijuana. In 2010, he was charged with selling a codeine substance and was put on six month probation. The Nets might not want to deal with such a troublemaking player, especially a guy who isn’t exactly a starting caliber player (he produced 2.5 Win Shares in 10-11). On top of all that, it’s hard to imagine that Williams can keep up his hot shooting. Williams was never considered to be a high caliber shooter in his career until he joined the Knicks. Just like with Wilson Chandler, this could be a product of Mike D’Antoni’s system rather than Williams’ red-hot ability. The guy isn’t really a top-notch defender (or close, really) so his only dimension on the floor is to hit threes (seriously, the guy shot under 34% from the field from everywhere else).

And the Winner is….Avoid (but does it really matter?): Essentially, Williams is a poor man’s Anthony Morrow. He is by no means a bad player and will fill his role as a shooter nicely. However, the Nets don’t need shooters; the Nets need impact players. Getting Shawn Williams would be nice, but a completely useless endeavor. Unless the Nets can get him for very cheap (literally in the 1-2 million dollar range), there would be no reason to pursue the talented, yet troubled small forward. Besides, it is very unlikely that Williams is pried away from the Knicks to begin with. Williams could be an effective role player on many teams; just not this one.