Taking A Step Back

I have been with NetsAreScorching, posting on a consistent basis, since April 7th, 2009.  Through that, you have seen the site go from a terrible wordpress.com blog (seriously, only go there if you want to have a few chuckles at my expense), to having its own domain, to being a part of the TrueHoop Network.  NetsAreScorching.com was my first foray into blogging, and that is why it is really tough to say this:

I am going to be stepping away from NetsAreScorching starting today.  I don’t want to get too deep into explanations, because this isn’t the place, but with grad school finishing up a job search that is about to begin  there isn’t going to be enough time for me to dedicate myself to the site fully.

So what does this mean exactly?  Nothing really as the NetsAreScorching that you all know and love will still be here.  Just that as I move editor emeritus role, Mark Ginocchio will take over as the lead man and de facto editor (a role that Mark and I basically shared).  You all know Mark, and you will be in good hands with him running the show.  It is no coincidence that the site started taking huge strides in the right direction as soon as he came along.  Not only that, but Devin, Dennis, and Evan (who will be posting more often now) are still here.  Plus, there are two new guys that you guys will be meeting later today.  Trust me, this site is only going to get stronger and will continue to be the best Nets blog around (that’s my opinion, but I am kind of biased).

So what about me?  Well, I am going to still be around.  You have my e-mail address, I may be posting here every once in a long while, and I am still going to be on twitter.  If you are still looking for my writing, you can find it over at NBAPlaybook.com (I know I pimp this site all the time, but check it out!).  In addition to the reasons I mentioned earlier, I am stepping away to focus most of my blogging efforts over there.  I have a lot of special things planned for this season, and for me to be able to get those things done, I need to focus all my attention over there.  Its funny, I am leaving NetsAreScorching to focus more on doing something that started here.

Before I finally step aside, there are a few people who were important to the growth of NetsAreScorching that I want to thank.  Mark has basically been the co-editor with me since he joined the site last August.  Devin and Dennis has been big to the growth of the site since joining, helping cover what was an insane offseason.  Evan, who has been killing it ever since he started it, too.  Nate Jones who was able to hook me up with a Terrence Williams interview shortly after he was drafted.  Ben Couch, NJNets.com fantastic blogger who e-mailed me when I first joined the TrueHoop Network, and was very helpful when I showed up to my first Nets’ event as a credentialed member of the media.  Speaking of that, Aaron Harris (with the Nets’ PR department) has been very gracious in allowing the site to be credentialed to various practices and most recently, Media Day, allowing us to bring unique content to you guys.

A special thank you needs to go out to Henry Abbott, Kevin Arnovitz, and the rest of the great writers of the TrueHoop Network.  Obviously, the NetsAreScorching.com (I don’t even know if it would even exist anymore) that you guys have been accustomed to wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Henry and Kevin allowing the site to become a part of the TrueHoop Network, even if the site wasn’t that good when they did (Did you click that first link?).  The rest of the guys of the Network (guys like Matt Moore, Tim Varner, Royce Young, Zach Harper, Jared Wade, Eddy Rivera, Dan Feldman, and everyone else) have been so kind offering up advice and tips that also have led to the growth of not only me as a blogger/writer, but the site as well.

Last but not least, I gotta thank the readers who come over the site and comment every single day.  The interesting takes in the comment sections not only kept me entertained, but has also made me smarter (well, most of them at least).