Sunday Morning Throwback Video: Brook Lopez posterizing his twin brother Robin

With the NBA offseason in full swing, things have slowed down a bit for the Nets. There’s still pockets of news here and there — for example, Cliff Alexander, who signed on with the Nets in Summer League, has joined the Portland Trail Blazers. I’m sure we’ll see updates on the practice facility, as well as hear from Lionel Hollins and Billy King, who will spend the next week in NBA Africa as the league plays its first game ever on the continent. Mikhail Prokhorov might buy the team entirely, or sell it to the raccoon that snuck into Citi Field this morning.

But it’s late Sunday morning, when all you want to do is attend brunch with acquaintances and thus distract yourself from talking to people at brunch with nostalgic sports videos. So let’s take this morning to remember the time when Brook Lopez dunked all over his twin brother Robin Lopez.

It’s beautiful. Deron Williams drew Robin just a sliver out of position, dished off to a full-lumber Brook, and Brook went Statue of Liberty-style, jumping from outside of the restricted area and slamming with one hand through contact. This might be the most athletic thing Brook Lopez has ever done.

Robin recently signed a four-year deal with the Knicks, so the two should face off on the court at least four times this season, and you’ll probably see them milling around the Disney Store in midtown Manhattan more than once. Maybe we’ll see another poster or two, too.