Summer League Roster News

The New Jersey Nets have added at least two undrafted free agents to their summer league roster today.  One was an expected name, and the other not so much.  According to a tweet from Draft Express (who did a fantastic job during the whole draft process, you really need to check them out) Brian Zoubek will be joining the Nets in Orlando:

Brian Zoubek will play summer league with the New Jersey Nets in Orlando.

This is the one that I expected.  Zoubek was an offensive rebounding machine, and a solid performance could mean that he gets picked up by the Nets as Brook Lopez’s backup.  How good of a rebounder is Zoubek?  Well, according to Pomeroy Rankings, he was ranked 1st in terms of offensive rebound rate and 36th in defensive rebound rate.

The second undrafted player that will be joining the Nets is Wayne Chism.  According to GoVolsXtra, Chism will be playing for the Nets in Orlando:

Former Tennessee player Wayne Chism has agreements to play for New Jersey in the NBA’s Orlando summer league and Sacramento in the NBA’s Las Vegas summer league after not getting drafted Thursday night.

This one is more of a flier (as you can tell by playing for two different teams in two different leagues), and a bit of a surprise if you want my honest opinion.  At Tennessee, I liked Chism as a player, and he is a pretty athletic guy, but he is one of those “tweeners” without a position.  He is like James (who the Nets drafted at 24) that is plays between Small Forward and Power Forward, but I don’t think he is physical enough for the NBA.

Anyway, some interesting signings and I am looking forward to seeing the Nets play in Orlando on July 5th.