Summer League: Nets 69, Jazz 98

Here are all the things that the Nets did particularly well today:

What do you mean they lost by 29 points and got absolutely dominated by Jeremy Evans? And you’re telling me that Trey Burke didn’t play a single second? And Tyshawn Taylor played completely out of control and didn’t facilitate the offense at all? Okay, well, I believe that last one.

The Nets fell to 0-3 today at the hands of the Utah Jazz. They got outscored in every quarter and will continue to sit in dead last in Orlando’s Summer League. No seriously, I don’t really have anything to say. One Twitter user I interacted with called it “a waste of two hours.” And it’s hard to disagree.

If I had to, I’d say the Nets had their moments of semi-good basketball today. Here they are, read them while I try to stop caring so much about Summer League:

  • NBATV Announcers noted how badly Kidd wanted to get a win. They mentioned multiple times how serious Jason Kidd looked on the sideline.
  • Tyshawn Taylor threw down a furious dunk on Jeremy Evans in the 3rd Quarter. If they weren’t down by 30 points thanks to his inability to run a functioning offense, I would have been really excited. See what you do to me, Tyshawn?
  • Toko had another quiet game, but continues to do all the small things right. I actually felt very comfortable when he was facilitating the offense, to be honest. Shengelia has found a knack for being in the right place, making the right pass and running the fast break better than our so-called point guard.
  • Chris Wright chipped in with a solid 20 points as he went 8-13 from the field.
  • David Lighty! With the news that Bogdanovic is staying overseas for another year, the Nets are officially looking for a backup small forward. If they’re not completely solid on Toko, Lighty could be a cheap option. Lighty played tight, pesky defense and knocked down a couple wide open threes. Remind you of Keith Bogans? Me too. Nets still have their MLE.
  • All things considered, Mason Plumlee had a quiet night. He threw down one transition dunk but was largely non-existant.
  • At halftime, Billy King confessed that “Toko and Tyshawn have not played well.” Interesting to see how that unfolds moving forward.

The Nets play Houston tomorrow at 3pm. I’d tell you that they might finally win tomorrow, but, like… probably not.