Summer League Game 4 Recap

Summer League Game 4 Recap

The Nets got smoked in a game against the Jazz yesterday, and it was a pretty unexciting blowout.  Damion James hurt his wrist/hand/thumb, so we might not see him suit up in the final game, but here is a quick recap of the events that took place.

Terrence Williams

It was a sloppy game with nobody really wanting to step up offensively for the Nets, and this lead to Terrence Williams getting shot happy.  He took 20 attempts, but hit 10 of them going for 23 points.  One of his makes was another monster dunk:

However, there were two more plays that show why Terrence Williams can’t play PG full time for the Nets this upcoming season.

On both of these plays, T-Will simply has a mental lapse.  As a point guard you can’t afford to have these type of mental lapses.  Thankfully during Wed.’s game, Avery Johnson said that we will be using T-Will at the 2 this year, and not at the PG spot.

Derrick Favors

Favors again struggled for the most part in the post:

Here, Favors makes the catch and just looks unsure. By the time he decides what he wants to do, he is all out of whack and switches his pivot foot, getting called for the travel.

However, there were some signs that he is getting more comfortable:

Yes, he misses the layup, but this is a really good and strong move that he makes. In my opinion, these quick moves are how he is going to get his points this year. Go quick and strong, before the defense can adjust.

Damion James

James had another strong game, scoring 13 points on 5-8 shooting. I am starting to think James is a guy who gets in a groove and is able to maintain it over a stretch of 4 or 5 games. My favorite move from him today was this one:

That is such a confident move. Let’s hope he can play this way during the regular season.

The Other Guys

Both Ben Uzoh and Brian Zoubek had another game not really worth mentioning.  They kind of just blended in with the other unsigned players.  Both these guys seemed to have peaked early, and while I still think both have solid chances at making the team, I am less confident in that as the games go by.