Study Concludes Nets Have NBA’s Worst Home Fans, Knicks Have Best

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The Nets lead the Knicks in Oculus, but not in fan equity, study finds. (AP)
The Nets lead the Knicks in Oculus, but not in fan equity, study finds. (AP)

When looking at brand equity, or “capturing the size and intensity of a team’s fan base,” the Brooklyn Nets were ranked 30th out of 30 NBA teams for the second straight year, according to a study done by Mike Lewis & Manish Tripathi of Emory University. The New York Knicks rank first, also for the second straight year.

The study focuses solely on the difference between predicted home revenue and actual home revenue, calculating predicted home revenue with a number of factors, including market size, winning percentage, and all-star players. The study does not consider television revenues or corporate presence in the cities.

The study adds that the Nets ended last despite having the 5th-largest improvement from last season of any team, which gives you an idea of the brand identity crisis the franchise had in New Jersey in the first place. “The Brooklyn Nets are a fascinating example, given the hype that surrounded the move to Brooklyn, and Jay-Zs ‘ownership,'” Lewis & Tripathi added in the article.

The Nets don’t seem to put much stock in the methodology.

“With all due respect to Emory University, that is a seriously flawed study,” Barry Baum, Chief Communications Officer of the Brooklyn Nets & Barclays Center, told The Brooklyn Game.

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