Step Curry Declaring For The Draft – Don’t Do It Nets!

According to, Davidson G Stephon Curry is declaring for the draft:

Sources close to the situation tell us that Curry will call a press conference shortly to announce he is putting his name in the draft. From what we understand, it’s very likely he keeps it in too.

Good for him right?  Well, yeah, but there is this:

Curry looks like a pretty solid bet to get drafted somewhere in the 8-15 area, with teams like the Knicks, Nets and Suns currently looking to be the most interested amongst that group. is probably the best draft site out there, but we don’t know who this Nets source is.  However, if the Nets’ interest is true, let me be the first to say “No!  No!  No!  Do not fall for this Kiki!”

Now don’t get me wrong.  Stephon Curry is a great player and he will become a great pro EVENTUALLY.  That is the key word, because if the Nets want to make the playoffs next year they need to draft a rookie who will have an impact right away.  Any 3 or 4 the Nets would be able to take at the 11 spot will be more pro ready than Stephon Curry will be.  Plus we don’t really need a 2 right now, we have more glaring problems in our frontcourt.   Plus, I would love to see VC playig the 2 next year, not the three.  It creates more mismatches.

This all may be a moot point though.  Hopefully our draft position moves up due to the lottery, and we won’t even have to consider Steph Curry.  We will eventually see how true these rumors are, but I would like it to be known that I am one of the first ones on the “Don’t Draft Stephon Curry” bandwagon.