Jordan Farmar Opts In

Jordan Farmar has opted into Brooklyn. With less than six hours until the midnight deadline, Colin Stephenson tweeted that Farmar will exercise his one-year player option, earning him $4.25 million in the 2012-13 season. The team confirmed the report, as did Farmar in a message to Stefan Bondy.

While we’d been pleasantly surprised to hear that Farmar may have been opting out — he wouldn’t earn $4.25 million on the open market, and it’d give the Nets a little more flexibility in the immediate — it’s a deal that makes common fiscal sense for Farmar to exercise. Plus, Should the Nets end up with a point guard glut — they currently have Jordan Farmar and Tyshawn Taylor, and may add Deron Williams and Jason Kidd in free agency — Farmar’s one-year deal is certainly tradable to a team that needs a stopgap backup point guard. The key word there being “backup.”