Stephen Jackson and Deron Williams Share Some Love

In an interview with the Daily News’ Stefan Bondy last night, disenchanted Milwaukee Bucks wingman Stephen Jackson and Mr. Sunshine, Deron Williams talked about the possibility of teaming up in Brooklyn alongside Dwight Howard:

“(Howard and Williams) is a championship contending team right there,” Jackson said after playing just eight minutes in Milwaukee’s 92-85 victory over the Nets Sunday night at the Rock in Newark. “Of course I’d want to play on that team.

“No disrespect to the guys (on the Bucks), but I’m at the stage of my career where I want to be in a different situation.”

D-Will talked about the defensive presence of Jackson, 33, who’s stuck in a middling role with the Bucks. He still has one year and $10 million left on his contract after this season, meaning it would take some roster maneuvering to make it happen in Brooklyn.

“We needed somebody with toughness, being able to guard multiple positions. It didn’t work out (in Utah),” Williams said. “I like his game. He’s very versatile. He’s the type of guy that’s 6-8, and he’s guarding the point guard. He has a lot of toughness. I know a lot of people that knows him. I’m good friends with Baron Davis, who says (Jackson) was a great teammate. So he was just one of the guys I always wanted to play with.”

As you may recall, ESPN’s Ric Bucher first reported last month that Howard would be more interested in a Nets roster featuring Jackson. With all due respect to the NBA’s best center and second-best player, this is the same guy who thinks the currently unemployed Gilbert Arenas has something left in the tank. While he only has a year left on his contract, I don’t know how wise it is to invest 90 percent of the team’s payroll to an awesome PG/C combination and a disgruntled swing player who’s approaching the wrong side of 35.