Statistical Proof That Jason Terry Gets Better As The Game Gets Worse

Jason Terry

Jason Terry

That chart above is a record of Jason Terry’s shooting percentages through Friday night’s 111-95 Detroit Pistons loss, at different point differentials. It’s staggering how consistent it is: as the game gets more and more out of reach, Terry gets significantly better as a shooter.

Terry hasn’t hit a shot with the game tied all season — he’s 0-7 from the field — and his field goal percentage and three-point percentage increase steadily at each interval until the game is a real blowout at 20 points or more, where Terry’s shooting a scorching 67 percent from the field and 12-17 from three-point range. More impressively, Terry’s shooting that in just 58 minutes of blowout time, the fewest minutes of any point differential (not including ties).

Jason Terry: The Blowout All-Star.

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