Starbury Wants to be a Brooklyn Net

I was originally going to throw this up in tonight’s link dump, but I’m so amused, I thought it warranted its own mini-post.

So, apparently the currently unemployed Stephon Marbury, fresh from playing himself out of Boston last season, is using Twitter to lobby for a job with the “Brooklyn Nets” (hat tip NetsDaily for pointing out the tweet).

In a tweet from yesterday, Marbury writes,  “Rod Thorn is my man. I want to play for the BROOKLYN NETS. I said it.”

For those who don’t remember their Nets history, Thorn traded Marbury before the 2001-02 season for Jason Kidd, changing the Nets from bottom-feeding laughingstocks into back-to-back Eastern Conference champions.

Marbury’s desire for Brooklyn is logical. He was born in Brooklyn and attended Abraham Lincoln High School there as well. Of course, even if the Nets break ground on the Barclays Arena by the end of the year, they are still a few years away from playing in Brooklyn either – meaning Marbury will be in his mid-30s at that point. And if his NBA employment status remains as it is now, he’ll also have been out of basketball for a few years by that point. Still, in a summer where J.R. Rider and Arvydas Sabonis have been linked to the Nets, I guess this is not the strangest piece of free agent gossip we’ve had this off-season, even if it originated from the player himself.

On the plus side, people who don’t believe the cache of Brooklyn won’t draw in NBA free agents, look no further than this tweet.