Spike Lee’s Opposition to Brooklyn’s Team

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Brooklyn traitor Spike Lee

When Brooklyn Favorite Son Spike Lee declared that he would not switch his allegiance from the Knicks to the Nets, we all grumbled but actually could respect his deep loyalty to the blue and orange.

But it’s a whole different matter when the Knicks are out of the picture. Former Borough President Marty Markowitz had pleaded with Lee to at least make the Brooklyn team his second favorite.

It now seems clear that Lee is not only for the Knicks, he’s against the Nets. He rooted for the Heat and sat near the Heat bench at the last game. There’s a slightly mitigating factor: Ray Allen, a star of his movie He Got Game, now plays for the Heat.

Still: Loyalty to the Knicks over the Nets makes some sense. But loyalty to Miami over Brooklyn?

Brooklyn traitor Spike Lee
Brooklyn traitor Spike Lee

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