Some evening News for Nets Fans

Well, we’re officially in the busy season with rumors and speculation regarding free agency and the Nets GM vacancy, so here’s a round-up of the day’s news.

After some conflicting reports, Rod Thorn tells beat writing stalwart Dave D’Alessandro that it’s “time for me to go.” A replacement will be hired in a timely matter and should not impact free agency, Thorn said.

Mitch Lawrence mentions Raptors executive Maurizio Gherardini as a potential replacement for Thorn – sure to bring international flavor to the roster though if he had a hand in signing Hedo to that awful contract he has some ‘splainin to do.  Dime runs down some other potential GM candidates.

Forget GMs. Henry Abbott and Marc Stein have separate pieces discussing the impact of good ownership on recruiting free agents. Both mention Mikhail Prokhorov as a major plus and lure for the Nets.

When discussing the Nets summer plans for recruitment, Al Iannazzone baits us all with this nugget: “There’s something else big that’s coming, too. Just wait.”

Goodnight and good luck to Keyon Dooling. A class guy all the way who was officially waived today.

For you summer basketball junkies, the Nets released their summer league roster today.

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