Some (Early) Benefactors of Deron Williams

While the Nets don’t have any wins to show for it, with 47 assists over the span of three games, Deron Williams has been as advertised from a ball distribution standpoint. Here’s a quick look at who has benefitted the most from DWill’s passing:

Most Assisted To:

  • Brook Lopez – 14
  • Kris Humphries – 12
  • Anthony Morrow – 6
  • Sasha Vujacic and Damion James – Tied with 4

Assist to Field Goal Percentage:

  • Humphries – 63 percent (12 assists on 19 field goals)
  • Lopez – 56 precent (14 assists on 25 field goals)
  • Sasha – 50 percent (4 assists on 8 field goals)
  • D. James – 40 percent (4 assists on 10 field goals)

Some observations – Hump’s assisted to percentage doesn’t shock me. He and DWill have clearly developed some early chemistry in the pick-and-pop game. However, it’s good to see Lopez is right behind Hump in terms of efficiency and I’m sure his assisted to numbers from DWill are going to jump even mores as time goes on.

Second, Avery Johnson needs to work with Williams and Morrow stat. Morrow has only been the recipient of 6 assists on 17 field goals made the past three games. With Morrow’s ability to spot-up shoot from the perimeter, DWill should be racking up assists by the gross with Morrow on his team. When Williams makes his move to the basket, Morrow has to be positioned better to get a kick-out pass. And Morrow shouldn’t be creating his own shot anyway.