Some Brook Lopez Quotes

Ben Couch of was able to sit down with Brook Lopez and have him answer some questions.  The first thing they talked about was Brook’s reaction of his buddy Ryan Anderson:

“We talked about it a bit and I told Ryan I was jealous of him being down by Disney – now he can go whenever he wants.”

I still find it hilarious that Brook is just a big kid.  Here are some more quotes from the interview:

On Nets draft pick Terrence Williams:
“I played him in the NCAA Tournament my freshman year when he was at Louisville. (Louisville won, 78-58.–BC) We’ve been to a few camps together. I’ve seen his game before, and it’s going to be real nice to get to know him.”

On being invited to the USA Basketball National Team mini-camp:
“I’m excited for that. It’s going to be a great experience. The best young players – and some of the already top players in the league – will be there. It’ll be a great way for me to see where I’m at.”

It is good to see that Brook is excited to meet, hang-out, and play with T-Will.  Brook is our most important piece, and he needs to be on good teams with the entire roster.  I am also glad that he is viewing the National Team mini-camo as a learning experience.  He should be able to learn a lot from all of the other players/coaches there.  For the whole interview go here.