Some brief The Brooklyn Game-related news

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope you’re celebrating America’s premier holiday in proper gluttonous fashion, just as our forefathers predicted. In proper patriotic fashion, I have a bunch of dead animals sitting on a gril that require consuming.

But as an improper patriot, I’m leaving the country tomorrow. I’ll be gone for a month. Taking my place as managing editor/lead writer/joke teller of all things Ninja Turtles is Chris Hooker, formerly of Nets are Scorching fame and current podcaster over at Brooklyn’s Finest, ESPN’s TrueHoop Brooklyn Nets affiliate. Chris has already gotten started with some Nets free agency buzz, and there’s lots and lots more to come.

Chris will be taking you through the remainder of free agency, summer league, any press conferences the Nets might hold for two incoming Hall of Fame players, and into August.

Give a warm welcome to Chris, and give him a follow @chrishooker9. He’s a smart, funny dude who loves him some Nets.