Site note: looking for writers, producer

Hey y’all. So we’ve got a crazy season coming up, and to make sure we hit it from all angles, we’re looking to expand our base here. That means we need two things:

1) Writers (as in a few)
2) Producer (as in one).

Here’s what we need:

Writers: Have a voice, know your hoops. Follow the Nets closely, be able to be both glowing and critical. Experience with writing to a deadline. Experience in front of a camera a plus. Willingness to be a part of ridiculous, long e-mail chains and respond quickly when needed. Important: time to follow and cover games throughout the season. And the ability to do all this without pay.

Producers: As a producer, you need to be on top of Nets news. You’ve gotta follow the Nets and know them well, and help us prepare and deliver the show. You’d take care of the behind-the-scenes nuts and bolts of the live show, but your most important work comes beforehand — gathering guests, conceiving relevant topics of discussion, and creating the format. Your responsibilities for the post-game show are a little different, but it essentially boils down to the same concept: consistently ensure that the show is smooth and successful. And again, the ability to do this without pay.

If you’re interested, shoot me an e-mail ([email protected]) with your interest, experience, potential commitment, and some relevant material (writing you’ve done, shows you’ve helped function, etc). If you’ve e-mailed before with interest, do it again. Do not send me your resume.

Hope to hear from you soon.