The Search for the New Nets Mascot: Bring Back Sly??

Progress Report #1

We’ve already gotten some interesting suggestions.

Several calls to bring back Sly, the NJ Nets mascot:

Over at Reddit, hueypriest suggests, “New mascot needs to be a badass but huggable pit bull, or Jerry Stackhouse.”

Aerrow3 says the Nets were not too far off with BrooklyKnight: “The BrooklyKnight would be clever and great if it didn’t look like a Power Ranger. Dumb it down, too… flashy?”

On Twitter (#MyBrooklynMascot), @eswint22 offers this: “a peacock that hatches out of a Brooklyn Nets Nest and has the Nets logo on it’s feathers”

On Instagram (#MyBrooklynMascot), JakeMohawk suggests: “a silver back gorilla with shades.”

Finally, there’s this brilliant but cruel suggestion: