Scouting Report: Derrick Favors


Name: Derrick Favors
Position: PF
Height: 6’10”
Weight: 246 lbs.
Birth Date: July 15, 1991
Birthplace: Atlanta, GA
Number: 14
Drafted: 3rd pick of the 1st Round in 2010 by the New Jersey Nets
Experience: 0 years
Contract: $4,133,280

On Offense:

Favors has a lot of potential on offense, but he’s simply too young right now to harness it. In his rookie season, most of his points will come off easy looks created for him around the rim, and garbage points from offensive rebounds and loose balls near the basket. He’s a very good offensive rebounder, usually looking to box out first and use his athleticism second. When asked about what part of his game could surprise people, he said “My faceup game. They just think I’m an athletic guy who just dunks all the time, but I can face up, shoot the jumper, drive, so that part of my game.” While I don’t think that part of his game is as advanced as he’d like to make it seem, every now and then he will pull out a move that will surprise us. However, he still has a fair amount of turnover issues in the post, not showing strong ballhandling skills down low, and it’ll definitely be a factor as he continues to grow.

On Defense:

Well, I’d give you an intense breakdown of his defensive skillset. But with a video analysis coming early next week, I don’t think it’s necessary. (Expect it up on the site Tuesday.)


Newly 19 years of age, Favors is the youngest player in the NBA, and he shows it. When visiting the Great Wall, he not-so-aptly described it as a bunch of “cool rocks.” That being said, he’s certainly winsome, polite, and loves the phrase “Hard Work” so much I’ve personally been pushing it to be his nickname. Seriously, it’s an obsession. When visiting Africa in high school, he made note of “just how hard they work over there.” He also says he doesn’t watch television, except for cartoons, leading to this quote: “Man, cartoons are the only thing that keeps it real nowadays… You watch Tom and Jerry, it’ll be all right.”


Derrick Favors is simply not going to be a great player in his first year. He’ll have some games where he shocks us with his production – in both directions. If there’s anything I can preach, it’s patience – we knew going in that he was going to be a two or three-year project. That being said, it’s entirely fair to be excited – the guy is a great athlete AND a hard worker, which is a rare trait in the NBA. It’ll be a joy to watch him develop – just remember that he’s got to develop. Hype & media are clearly not too important to him – he just wants to play basketball. While he could have more of an aggressive attitude, I appreciate his commitment to basketball first – let the other stuff sort itself out.

It should also be noted that the Nets didn’t grab Derrick because of what he’ll be able to do today. Barring a now unexpected trade for a high-scoring forward from the Mile High, Favors is the future of Nets basketball. A perfect complement to franchise face Brook Lopez, the Nets envision Favors to be a star down the road in the mold of a bigger, stronger Amar’e Stoudemire – and he expects it, too. Combine his freakish athleticism with his constant desire to be in the gym – as Stefan Bondy put it, “while Anthony was touring NYC in sunglasses, oft-discussed trade-chip Derrick Favors was hitting the weight room and the court at the Nets training facility” – and there’s a good chance that the Nets have a truly special player sitting in their lap.

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