Ryan Ruocco Solves Mike Fratello’s Impossible Drawings

Here’s an excerpt from The Morning After:

This might be a little esoteric if you don’t watch the game on YES Network (and if so, what are you doing!? WATCH THE GAME ON YES NETWORK). Mike Fratello has been a Nets color commentator for the last seven seasons. During most games, when the Nets look ahead on the schedule, Fratello (nicknamed the “Czar of the Telestrator”) will draw poorly designed, often absurdist stick figures and ask his play-by-play mate to guess what he’s drawing.

Usually it’s impossible to guess, because he makes humans look like sandwiches and rockets look like sizzling hot fajitas. But Ruocco gets all five of Fratello’s drawings correct, the first time any play-by-play guy has ever gone five-for-five.

In case you’re wondering why that’s such a highlight, just listen to the pure ecstasy in each of their voices with each passing correct answer. And in case you’re wondering about how well the Nets played, I’ve just spent almost 200 words of a Nets recap talking about Mike Fratello’s artwork.