RUNOFF: Jayson Williams vs. Brook Lopez

Only two remain. (Mike King)
Only two remain. (Mike King)
Only two remain. (Mike King)

So a funny thing happened during the last day of voting. We tend to get a pretty high “conversion rate” of people who see our polls and vote on them, because (and I like that this is true) you guys like interacting with us. So thanks for that!

But in the last poll of position players for our All-Time Nets All-Star Center, a funny thing happened: we ended up getting a 330% conversion rate. As in, for every person that saw the poll, 3.3 people actually voted in it.

Now, those numbers might impress Vladimir Putin, but they were enough to make us question the voting just a bit.

The two guys that got a majority of the votes before the sudden spike in invisible participation were 1997-1998 Jayson Williams and 2012-2013 Brook Lopez, so in the interest of valuing your vote, we’re going to have a runoff, hopefully a little less fraud-induced this time.

Poll will close at midnight tonight. Happy voting!

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