Rumor: Nets interested in Kyle Lowry?

Via Frank Isola of the New York Daily News:

Lowry, a quick point guard, has an expiring contract worth $6.2 million. He’s been more closely connected with the Knicks than anyone else, and the Nets don’t really have much to offer to the Raptors. Toronto and Brooklyn both have full rosters, meaning the Nets and Raptors have to give up an equal amount of players (or waive players) to make any trade work.

The Nets could offer some combination of Mirza Teletovic, Reggie Evans, and their minimum-salary players for Lowry, or go big and take back additional salary in a trade that sends Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett away. (Not happening) I don’t see an enticing package for a team loosely looking to move a solid point guard.

Plus, as Howard Beck of Turner Sports/Bleacher Report says:

If the Raptors want a first-round pick, the Nets don’t have much to offer. The next pick the Nets can trade via CBA rules is in 2020, and I’d be shocked if the Nets moved a pick seven years in the future for an expiring contract in 2013. More likely, the Nets have been placed in the discussion to drive up the asking price for other teams.

But we’ll keep an eye on it.