Rondae Hollis-Jefferson reveals his celebrity crush, challenges Markel Brown to dunk contest in Twitter Q-and-A

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (left) taking a selfie on draft night. (AP)

Yesterday, the Nets officially signed rookie Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, who they traded for on draft night. Today, Hollis-Jefferson answered questions from fans in a Q-and-A on the Brooklyn Nets Twitter account. The conversation went from basketball (which Hollis-Jefferson begun playing when he was five), to his deepest fear, celebrity crushes, challenging a teammate to a dunk contest, and whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich (he answers correctly). Also important: the shimmy will stay. Long live the shimmy.

Check out the full Q-and-A below. Twitter doesn’t show the question automatically, so we’ve added them before each answer:

@man_ny95: @BrooklynNets @RondaeHJ23 how does it feel being part of the Brooklyn community and calling it home for your rookie season? #AskRondae

@nbaallday247com: @BrooklynNets @RondaeHJ23 What is your favorite Arizona memory? #AskRondae

@Ryan_Murphyyy: @BrooklynNets @RondaeHJ23 Which part of your game do you feel you need to improve on the most? #AskRondae

(He said something similar on draft night, saying his jumper was “100 percent” his biggest offensive weakness.)

@Sdot_baller12: @BrooklynNets @RondaeHJ23 how long have you been playing basketball in your life. #AskRondae

@sportschris86: Which NBA player are you looking forward to defending excluding rookies? #AskRondae @BrooklynNets @RondaeHJ23

@Steve_Bezer: @BrooklynNets @RondaeHJ23 do you think a hotdog is considered a sandwich? #AskRondae

(Give him a max contract ASAP.)

@mike_el_: @RondaeHJ23 @BrooklynNets #askrondae Favorite basketball team growing up?

@dbearak: @BrooklynNets @RondaeHJ23 are you a gamer? If so which console do you play on? #AskRondae

@bsmart4life: @BrooklynNets @RondaeHJ23 Which one of your teammates have u connected the most with? #AsKRondae

@EthanManager18: @RondaeHJ23 what is your biggest goal coming into your first season in the nba? #AskRondae

@ror925: @BrooklynNets you get a steal at half court and have an easy fastbreak opportunity. What kinda dunk you throwing down? #AskRondae

@aaron_miller11: @BrooklynNets @RondaeHJ23 would you rather have a huge poster dunk or a game winning 3?? #AskRondae

@Jamaal_Simmons: @RondaeHJ23 @BrooklynNets what’s your deepest fear? #AskRondae

@jeremiahbaez2: @BrooklynNets Favorite late night snack? #AskRondae

@Turbo2619: @RondaeHJ23 #AskRondae What made you switch from #23 to #24? Good luck this season!

(For Nets ABA great John Williamson.)

Question was deleted:

Plus a selfie:

@TFehn21: @BrooklynNets @RondaeHJ23 will you break out the shimmy at the free throw line in the NBA?! #AskRondae

@AndyTheG: @BrooklynNets What was your favorite place to eat in Tucson and the best meal you’ve had in NYC? #BearDown #Esponda #AskRondae

@WilliamLopez123: @BrooklynNets have to tried shake shack yet ? #AskRondae

@iffsanity: @BrooklynNets @RondaeHJ23 who’s your favorite dunker of all time ? #AskRondae

@dbearak: @BrooklynNets @RondaeHJ23 what nicknames do you go by? #AskRondae

@mkratlian: @BrooklynNets @RondaeHJ23 Favorite sport to watch other than basketball? #AskRondae

@mike_el_: @brooklymnbaby @RondaeHJ23 #askrondae favorite go to move?

@Swaggyjg: @BrooklynNets @RondaeHJ23 who wins in a dunk contest you or @iMarkelBrown22 #AskRondae

For the record, Markel Brown disagreed:

@hmanpaco1: @RondaeHJ23 what is one of your pet peeves #AskRondae

@HNPipes: @BrooklynNets @RondaeHJ23 which is more important, shampoo or conditioner? #AskRondae #BearDown

@austickbostick: @BrooklynNets @mkratlian @RondaeHJ23 favorite soccer team? #AskRondae

@mremy131: What is your pregame meal? #AskRondae

@dbearak: @BrooklynNets @RondaeHJ23 have you figured out your housing yet? #AskRondae #WelcomeToTheNeighborhood

@Tha_Names_James: @RondaeHJ23 #AskRondae @BrooklynNets who’s your celebrity crush?

He’s not afraid of letting her know.

Hey, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

@TrentonShort: @BrooklynNets @RondaeHJ23 how much do you love the Nets fans? Cause WE love you! #AskRondae

Hollis-Jefferson oozes personality. He’ll play his third Summer League game for the Nets at 3:00 P.M. today.