#RIPUndefeatedin2013: Hawks Blow Out Nets, 109-95 (Game Grades)


Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Against a team with the athletes to run — a team even missing Josh Smith, no less — Williams looked positively pedestrian against Jeff Teague, who hit jumpers like he injected Steve Nash into his veins, and Devin Harris, former New Jersey Nets guard and one of the players the Nets traded to acquire Williams. While Harris pushed the floor, either off the dribble or with snappy outlet passes, Williams looked uncomfortable on both ends of the floor, unable to defend the deep threats or the fast-break layups, and didn’t score enough to offset any difference.


Excited for his homecoming to Atlanta! When’s he getting there?

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

Good to see him back, and didn’t look hampered by his injury at all, but smart of P.J. Carlesimo to limit his minutes. Hopefully not for long.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Didn’t get the ball nearly enough in the first half and was still the only player with any semblance of a successful offensive night. Scored on tip-ins and some direct looks in the third quarter.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

Andray Blatche ran point center and threw a behind-the-back pass to Kris Humphries for the slam. Andray Blatche tried to create in isolation from the left corner and the ball somehow went out of bounds on the right wing. Andray Blatche caught the ball in the middle of the lane and dunked through defense with two hands. Andray Blatche froze himself defensively. Andray Blatche dominated garbage time. None of it made sense, and thus all of it was right.


Ever walked face-first into a full-length glass window?


Perhaps no Nets player fluctuates as wildly from “sneakily effective” to “completely ineffective” as Watson. At least with Blatche you know you’re going on a wild train ride.