Revisiting The Commenting Constitution

OK everyone, this Favors vs. Cousins debate has kind of turned the comments into mush.  So before we get to the draft, I just wanted to remind everyone to take another look at the commenting constitution.  Specifically the section about  being “that guy”

5.  Don’t be what Dave from the Blazers’ Edge calls THAT GUY.  Allow him to explain:

* He posts something and then responds to every…single…comment with an overly-defensive comment of his own, not letting people have real conversation about his points.  It’s fine for people to disagree.  In fact debate makes the best conversations.  If you don’t want anybody to disagree with what you’ve written, go to Hallmark, buy a journal, and write your thoughts there.  If you write them here, give people some space to reply with good, solid points of their own.

* He talks about the person posting instead of the post and its points/ideas.  This is completely unnecessary.  Hint:  Limit the use of the word “you” in your posts.  “You’re an idiot if you think LeBron will be traded.  Cleveland values him too much…” should be just “Cleveland values LeBron too much to trade him.”

* He begins posts with phrases like, “If you had actually watched the game…” or “If you knew anything about basketball…”  These are inflammatory and again unnecessary.  It’s possible that people actually did watch the game and simply saw something different than you did.

* He makes comparisons between basketball matters and things FAR beyond their scope, things in such poor taste that the mere mention of them obliterates any valid basketball-related conversation.  (“The refs were the Nazis and we were the Jews tonight!”)

We all love the Nets and we all love discussing ways we think they will become better.  Realize that you probably aren’t going to change anyone’s minds about something no matter how passionate you are (think about someone trying to change your stance on a topic).  Let’s keep the comments fun to read/participate in.