Report: Nets’ Sergey Karasev Hung With Strippers At 5 A.M. Before Heat Game

Sergey Karasev
Sergey Karasev

Sergey Karasev
Sergey Karasev
If the following report is true, seems like Sergey Karasev enjoyed his time Miami, outside of the loss.

From New York Post’s Page Six, who said Karasev entered the team’s hotel at 5 A.M., 13 hours before their game against the Heat, with three, um, companions:

The good-looking, 6-foot-8 Russian seems to be enjoying his time in the limelight with the Nets. “They all got out of one car, looking like one big happy family,” says the shocked witness. “They were talking about what a generous tipper he was at the strip club that evening where they met.”

The spy describes the trio of ladies as “hot, busty strippers. They were all Spanish. One was shorter than the rest and had Pamela Anderson-style barbed-wire tattoos and high heels.”

Karasev, who was traded to the Nets in July, didn’t seem worried that he was also expected to score at an NBA game hours later at 6 p.m — or that the Four Seasons was the official team hotel.

“He brazenly walked right in front, leading them in,” says the spy, who added other hotel guests checking out in the early morning to catch a flight to New York were aghast. “Two strippers walked in behind him holding hands with each other and the third straddled in after them about five feet behind.”

It’s possible this is all false — after all, this is Page Six, and the entire story is based on the story of one unnamed eyewitness.

The 21-year-old Karasev, who joined the Nets over the summer in the trade that netted Brooklyn Jarrett Jack, worked his way into the starting lineup earlier this season over the struggling Bojan Bogdanovic. He scored two points in 21 minutes in the team’s 88-84 loss to the Heat.

New York Post — Nets star hangs with ‘hot, busty strippers’ hours before game