Report: Nets reached out to Jeff Van Gundy


According to NBA writer Mark Heisler:

A report that the Nets reached out to Jeff Van Gundy in this manner leaves a few doors open. For one, the Nets could’ve reached out to Van Gundy a long time ago. For two, “preliminary contact” is an arbitrary phrase. Could mean one phone call to gauge his interest, it could mean setting up an interview, it could just be lunch at Habana Outpost. Nothing says “coach my $330 million team” like buying someone a cuban sandwich at a solar-powered restaurant.

Van Gundy responded to Joshua Newman of

Either way, the Nets have reportedly expressed interest in Van Gundy before, and Van Gundy said he wouldn’t comment on any filled job positions. Considering that he’s got one now as an ESPN analyst, we may have to wait until the end of the playoffs before we know anything about his interest level.

One important note: Van Gundy also leaving the booth would deprive the world of this, which I’m not sure anyone wants.