Report: Nets, Celtics talking Pierce/Garnett blockbuster

Adrian Wojnarowski reports on Twitter that the Brooklyn Nets & Boston Celtics are discussing a blockbuster trade that would send Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to the Brooklyn Nets:

Assuming Pierce’s option is picked up — a necessity to make this deal possible — Pierce & Garnett will make about $27 million combined next season, meaning that the Nets have a few options to trade, starting with Kris Humphries The Expiring® ($12 million) and probably Gerald Wallace (a little over $10 million, and about $31 million over the next three years).

The deal couldn’t happen until July 10th because of Pierce’s player option.

I’m not sure entirely how this would work from Boston’s perspective — if they’re looking to shed salary, Pierce is an expiring contract already, and Garnett has only $6 million guaranteed after this season. They would actually add salary no matter how you slice it, since any contract the Nets would offer beyond Humphries would expire later than next season. Of course, if the Celtics are looking to completely blow it up, three first-round picks will help grease the wheels. (Unless the Celtics realize that the picks won’t be very good.)

This report looks to be from Brooklyn’s side, with no response from Boston yet. No deal is imminent.

Yahoo! Sports: Nets pursuing trade for Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce