Report: Mikhail Prokhorov to make his return to Brooklyn


Mikhail ProkhorovOn November 3rd, 2014, Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov told reporters he expected to be at “about 25 percent” of Nets home games during the regular season. But amidst the team’s turmoil and rumors that Prokhorov was looking to sell the team, he became persona non grata… until now.

With the Nets currently seventh in the Eastern Conference playoff race, NetsDaily reports that Prokhorov will be on hand for (at least) two home games this season: Wednesday against the Atlanta Hawks, and Friday against the Washington Wizards. That brings his total to three home games out of 41, or about a quarter of his original expectations.

The news is sudden, and coincides with the team’s recent hot streak: prior to this 11-3 stretch, some within the organization were unclear on when Prokhorov might return.

Recent reports indicate that Prokhorov is willing to sell a 49 percent minority stake in the team, at a valuation of roughly $3 billion, gaining — and losing — a partnership with wealth management firm Evercore in the process.

NetsDaily — Prokhorov heading to Brooklyn for key games in playoff push