Report: If Joe Johnson is bought out, Cavaliers his first choice

Johnson (AP)
Johnson (AP)

The Nets know how much it would cost to buy out Joe Johnson from his contract, and if they choose to do so, he is a “serious candidate” to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers, according to a report from

Should Johnson, 34, obtain a buyout of his $25 million salary for the season, Cleveland would be his next destination, sources with knowledge of the dialogue insist to

Brooklyn is aware of the ballpark figure it would take for Johnson to agree to a buyout, a source said. The way sources characterize the situation, Brooklyn has to decide whether they want to help the Cavaliers, or allow Johnson to play out his contract as is.

Johnson has said that he’s “taking it one day at a time” with regards to a buyout and “we’ll see what happens.” He has also said he would not rule out staying with Brooklyn beyond this season, though his primary concern is to play for a winner.

As of today, Johnson has been paid almost exactly $17 million of his $24.9 million salary, with $7.9 million left in earnings. The Nets project to land a little over $1 million below the luxury tax; if they buy out Johnson, they could use the savings on his contract to sign a player with their Disabled Player Exception. More on that here.

The Nets have until March 1 to decide if they want to buy out Johnson’s contract for him to be eligible for another team’s playoff roster. — Brooklyn Nets guard Joe Johnson remains a serious candidate to join Cleveland Cavaliers