Reggie Evans remembers where he came from; gives back to hometown

Brooklyn Nets forward and Pensacola, Florida native Reggie Evans likes the atmosphere in New York City, the excitement, the buzz, the hustle. But he doesn’t forget where he came from.

Evans, home in Pensacola, hosted his eighth annual Reggie Evans BBQ For Pensacola this past weekend, feeding hundreds in his home neighborhood of Pensacola Village. Evans hosted the BBQ on the weekend of his 33rd birthday.

“I pretty much feed everyone there,” Evans told Bill Velona. “That was me growing up. Sometimes you may need help with a meal, sometimes you may need help with a piece of clothing. Just knowing somebody made it, I think it means a lot. A lot of kids in the area know me personally, so if they see me doing things like that, hopefully it will rub off on them.”

His charity doesn’t stop there. On July 13th, Evans will host the first annual Reggie Evans Pro Athlete Charity Softball game in Pensacola.

Athletes slated to play include teammates MarShon Brooks and Andray Blatche, Miami Heat forward Rashard Lewis, as well as fellow Pensacola native athletes Derrick Brooks, Justin Gatlin, Johanna Long, Trent Richardson, Michelle Snow, Fred Robbins and Tyronne Green.

Evans says he thought of the idea before training camp this season, and the proceeds from the game will go back into the Pensacola community.

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