Reaction To Dave D’Alessandro’s Interview @ is a great basketball blog, and it is a site that I make sure I read everyday.  So when I got an e-mail from the site telling me about an interview that they did with Dave D’Alessandro (Who was kind enough to answer a few questions for me), I hurried over to read it.  Dave talks Nets, NBA, what it is like to be a beat writer, and the state of newspapers so you definitely want to check it out.  I am pulling a few quotes from the interview that I wanted to comment on:

HA: What’s your thoughts on the direction the Nets are taking? Everyone heard the whispers of Carter being moved, and now he is finally no longer with the team. Did you think it was a smart trade for the team? Thoughts on the selection of Terrence Williams?
DD: It may not be a smart trade for the Nets, but it probably was the only move they had. It was obvious back in December that Vince’s departure was inevitable, and you had to get expiring contracts and a promising young talent in the deal. So with the aims being pretty narrow, mission accomplished. I don’t know much about Terrence’s game yet, but I like the kid personally, and I hope fans give him a chance to grow into his job. But I can already hear the moans when he goes 6-for-29 his first three games.

I know I am in the minority with this one, but I think that the Vince Carter trade was a smart one for the Nets and not just a salary dump.  Sure getting rid of Vince’s salary was an effect of the deal, but we got huge value with this deal, more than we would get in any trade we make next season before the trade deadline.  Now a lot of Nets fans are a little worried about Courtney Lee’s reactions to being traded, but can we blame him really?  He went from going to the finals to being on a team that will challenge for the number 1 pick.  That had to hit him hard, especially when he was such a big factor in the team’s playoff run.  Another critisim of the trade that I have been hearing is that if we really wanted Lee, why didn’t we just draft him?  Well, with Vince Carter in the mix, we didn’t need a player like Lee.  The trade of Carter opens the floor up for Lee’s style of play.  I know it sucks giving up Ryan Anderson, but I think it was worth it.

Also, I know that I for one won’t be moaning or groaning if Terrence starts the year going 6-29.  Why?  Well, he is young and this team isn’t going anywhere.  We just need him to develop and gain experience, he shooting will come around, and while it does, Terrence Williams will be able to contribute in other ways.

HA: On the topic of the Cavs, what’s your stance on 2010? Do the Nets have a shot at one of the big three (Wade, LeBron and Bosh)?
DD: Not likely. Guys at that level want to win now and win often, and all things being equal ($$$$), they’ll go where they can win.

Despite Dave’s opinions, I think the Nets have a big-time shot at one of the big three (if not two – or one of these guys and a guy like Dirk).  For one, we have the money…tons of money.  Two, I can’t think of a team that has a better younger core that will be in position to get one of these guys.  The Knicks?  No.  The Grizz?  No.  The Thunder?  Maybe.  But I don’t think (Key word here is think) they have the cap space.  Those are the young teams positioning themselves for one of the big three off of the top of my head.

Now with all this being said, I don’t want everyone to think I am bashing Dave.  He is the best Nets’ beat writer around, and I usually find myself agreeing with what he says.  We just have two differing opinions in this case, and I feel like I should state mine.  What do you guys think?  Leave your opinions in the comments!