Rafer Alston Already Wants Out?

Back when I talked about Rafer Alston and his potential effect as the Nets’ back-up point guard, I said it all hinged on whether or not Rafer would be willing to accept that role.  Turns out he isn’t.

ESPN1050’s website is reporting that a source close to Rafer says Alston expects to start the NBA regular season with either the New York Knicks or the Miami Heat.  According to ESPN 1050:

“New York and Miami are the top two teams on Rafer’s list,” said the source. “He can’t play in a contract year in New Jersey behind Devin Harris and Keyon Dooling.”

I know I should have put this in Nets on the Net, but I did want to give my opinion on this tonight.  To me the thing that makes or breaks this report is “the source close to” Rafer.  For all we know it could be Rafer’s friend just spouting off, or it could be Rafer telling his friend this, then passing it along to newspeople to try and work a trade.  My gut is telling me that this is option number one.  The quote just seems full of a “posse wanting more money vibe.”  Another reason it seems like that is because, as of right now, Dooling is still rehabbing so why would Rafer Alston through his name in there?  That, or Nets’ brass could have told him he was option number 3 at PG (very doubtful in my opinion).

In any case, I hope these aren’t true because in my opinion Rafer is more valuable as a back-up PG than Keyon Dooling is.   The numbers showed that Dooling was more effective playing SG, so hopefully that is where he will start the season out.

Now I am not saying we shouldn’t trade Rafer, not at all.  If Thorn get something of value, then I am all for sending Rafer out of NJ.  I just don’t want to see a trade for the sake of a trade, just because Rafer Alston might not be happy right now.