Quick Recap: New Jersey Nets 92 – Detroit Pistons 99

In a game that ended horribly, the Nets lost 99 to 92.  The Pistons went crazy from three, but even with that, the Nets were able to take a lead late.  The shot selection got poor again though, and the Nets were unable to stay with the Pistons.

  • The Nets actually got the ball on the play where the Devin and Jarvis ran into each other.  Kris Humphries got caught in the air and tried to pass it to one of the fallen Net.  Both guys were on the floor, and it turned into a 3 on 1 break.
  • Until the injuries, Kiki sat out Yi (who was struggling) the entire third quarter.  Good to see he was coaching to win.
  • After tying the game, the Nets had 2 well drawn up sets going.  But a bad pass and a dropped ball lead to turnovers.
  • The best shot the Nets got in the final few minutes was a Courtney Lee 3.  There was a Brook 22 footer and a Humphries 18 footer when the Nets were down 2.
  • Jonas Jerebko really made me look stupid for my pregame comments.  20 points while not missing a shot.
  • Last night, we saw a player get hot late.  Tonight, Charlie Villanueva got hot early.  He hit 1 three, and then couldn’t miss.  I don’t think he was looking one time.
  • The Pistons are the worst 3 point shooting team in the NBA (shooting under 30%).  Tonight they shot 67%.