Quick Recap: New Jersey Nets 87 – Boston Celtics 96

The Nets lead the Celtics by 1 after three quarters.  Eddie House happened in the fourth though, and the Celtics ended up winning the game 96-87.  The Nets played real good defensively (even in the fourth), and that was the reason they were able to keep the game close.

  • Eddie House didn’t have a point until the 4th quarter.  He exploded with 10 in the fourth and he really was the difference in the game.
  • The Nets were aggressive on the offensive end for three quarters.  The fourth, not so much.  It is starting to be a common (and troubling theme).
  • The Nets were able to get to the line 27 times.  That is awesome, but they only got to the line twice in the fourth.  Their FTR went from .52 (way above average) after 3 to a good (but not as good) .397.
  • Devin Harris had a great 3 quarters but he kind of disappeared in the fourth again.
  • The Celtics did everything in their power to give the Nets chances after chances.  A few turnovers, an offensive foul, and a overturned three happened in the last 3 minutes.
  • Two plays that happened epitomize the Nets season.  In the first, Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries battled for an defensive board, knocking it in the hoop.  The second, Devin Harris played great defense (reading the pass to the corner and jumping it), gets his hands on the ball, saves it falling out of bounds, and it bounces to House’s hand for an open three.