Quick Recap: New Jersey Nets 83 – Portland TrailBlazers 93

You can’t ask for much more than that from the Nets when they play a team like the Blazers.  The real difference was the second unit.  The Blazers were bringing in guys like Rudy Fernandez, Andre Miller, and Jarred Bayless.  The Nets were bringing in guys like Bobby Simmons.  Good effort though, and if the Nets play like that, they have a chance against the Kings.

  • Alston/Harris/Lee combined for 10 points tonight.
  • The Nets were down 12 at one point in the 2nd quarter, and got it to 5 at the half.  In the second half, the Blazers went on a 8-0 run and the Nets responded with a run of their own, tying the game.  They responded a couple times (which was real good to see), just ran out of gas.
  • CDR and Brook both bounced back from their poor games which was really good to see.  Brook put up a career high 32 and CDR finished with 18.
  • Speaking of Brook’s 32, it was great to see him playing with that fire against a big center.  He struggled against Haywood, Dwight, and Hibbert but tonight he was really going.  Only took a few outside jumpers, and he did man-work in the post.
  • At one point in the third Brook got a repost.  That is the first time I have seen it all year, and it should happen more then once every 15 games.
  • The Nets held the Blazers to 13 points in the third quarter, but they only got 12 themselves.
  • Rudy Fernandez was 4-7 (4-5 from 3).  Man, why can’t the Nets have someone like that on their team…oh wait, we got Bobby Simmons I’m sorry, I can’t even joke about that.
  • Speaking of Bobby Simmons, he is officially useless.  Teams are giving him open threes and he can’t make them.
  • Sean Williams and Brook Lopez played together and they played well together.  Looking at Sacramento’s roster, that could be successful again Friday.