Quick Recap: New Jersey Nets 79 – Golden State Warriors 111

If you weren;t able to win tonight’s game game it’s ok, because it was exactly like the game before…and the game before that…and basically the entire season.  The Nets were able to keep it close through the first half, as they only trailed by 6, but the Warriors used a 38 point 3rd quarter to pull ahead for good.

Now this brings up something that I have been wanting to talk about for a long time.  People ask me why are the Nets so bad, they have decent talent in the starting lineup.  Every single time I respond with something along the lines of “The Nets have the worst roster 6-16 I have ever seen.”  Tonight exemplified that perfectly.  The Nets kept it close the duration of the first quarter, a quarter that had all the starters play for most of it.  The Nets’ bench enters and the Warriors lead stretches out to 17.  The starters return and are able to close the half only down by 6.  At the half the +/- for Brook Lopez was 0.  It was -1 for Courtney Lee and it was -3 for Devin Harris.

The second half started with Devin Harris on the bench, he aggravated his wrist injury and didn’t return.  I thought the game was over at that moment, but the Nets were actually feeding the ball into Brook and they were able to keep the game under double-digits.  Then Brook picked up his 4th foul.  That’s when the 38 point quarter happened.  In a 30+ point loss, Brook Lopez posted a -7…Lee a -10.  Hayes the Nets best bench player posted a -19…Dooling a -21.

  • We are probably looking at another few games without Devin.  This is going to be interesting.
  • The Nets were able to hold Monta Ellis to 4 points…because he only played 1 half.
  • Courtney Lee looked good shooting the ball, his feet were set and he was knocking them down.
  • CDR looked good as well.   He looked much more aggressive, looking for his own shot and attacking the basket.  Good things happen when you attack the basket.
  • Maggette hit the Nets for 29 points…he got to the line 12 times.
  • Steph Curry killed the Nets dropping 32 points.
  • The Warriors held the Nets under 80…let that sink in.
  • Hey, we get another game tomorrow!