Quick Recap: New Jersey Nets 108, Maccabi Haifa 70

Unless you were one of 5,174 in attendance, you were unable to catch the Nets’ first preseason game of the season, since it wasn’t televised anywhere.  That doesn’t mean that you were left in the dark during the game.  Both NetsDaily and Al Iannazzone where live tweeting the event, and Stefan Bondy gave us some live commentary.  Here are some quick opinions based on the boxscore and the reports:

  • The one number that really jumps out at you is 28 assists as a team (on 39 makes).  That is a fantastic number, and especially important for the Nets because they were so bad distributing the ball last year (28th in the NBA when it came to Assist Ratio).    This indicates that the team is knocking down shots, running an effective offense, and working together.
  • Derrick Favors had 14 points and 9 rebounds.  If he can give this to the Nets every night, they should be pleased.
  • T-Will had 6 assists, but 4 turnovers.  Only hit 1 of 5 shots, but got to the line six times.  A mixed bag for him.
  • Anthony Morrow went 4-6 from three.  It sure didn’t take him a lot of time to get adjusted to the rims.
  • I think Al Iannazzone sums it up best. “Still, it’s just one game, against non-NBA talent. No need to get too high or to low.”