Quick Recap: Philadelphia 76ers 97, New Jersey Nets 94

Well, that was actually a really hard fought game by the Nets, and I am glad that they continued to play hard, even after the Courtney Lee injury.  It looks like Courtney strained his groin, going in for a lay-up after a great steal on the defensive end.  Yeah, there were a ton of empty chairs on the Nets bench with only three players sitting there.

  • So yeah, credit where credit is due.  Nice move Lawrence Frank going with Trenton Hassell.  Hassell getting his first start, played 46 (!) minutes going 8-13 for 17 points.
  • Bobby Simmons actually played pretty well, connecting on 2 threes and scoring 10 points.
  • The Nets basically had a 5 man rotation going for most of the second half.
  • Terrence Williams playing both the backup PG and the backup SF, had a nice game with 6 points and 9 assists.  For the first time this year, he looked real comfortable playing the point.
  • How on earth do we let Kapono hit 4 (he went 4-6) threes when he is the only consistent three point threat?
  • That last play is an example of why we miss Brian Hill.  The Nets just handed the ball off to each other and didn’t even get an open look.
  • So remember when we had the youngest starting line-up?  The 5 that finished the 4th quarter had guys ages 33, 33, 30, and 29.  Yeah, the Nets got old quick.
  • Looking forward to tomorrow and seeing the Nets 8 healthy players (7 really because apparently Sean Williams doesn’t count), go against the Celtics.
  • Even in defeat, Brook Lopez is a hilarious person.  When asked about Trenton Hassell and how well he played despite not playing a ton of minutes, Lopez responded, “Well, he showed us huh?”