Quick Recap: Boston Celtics 96, New Jersey Nets 104

After the Celtics exploded to a 12-2 lead, the game appeared to be over.  However, the Nets took control from that moment forward and came away with a 104-96 win against the Boston Celtics (things got real hairy late).

  • Courtney Lee put together his second straight 20+ point performance (first time as a Net) and played very well until he went out with an ankle injury.
  • In addition to Courtney’s 21, Brook Lopez chipped in 25, and Devin Harris put up 23.  This is the second straight time they all put up 20+.
  • Kris Humphries only had 11 points, but he pulled in 10 rebounds and left Marv saying “This is his best game as a Net.”
  • The Celtics got the Nets’ lead to 6 points when Ray Allen was given a wide open three.  He missed it, and the Nets were able to pull away.
  • Keyon Dooling put in 11 points as well, including 3 threes (including a very timely one in the fourth).
  • In the third quarter, the Nets took two charges on Celtics’ fast breaks.
  • CDR played a meaningful 27 minutes tonight, and maybe put this whole CDR-gate stuff to rest.  He didn’t score a ton, but after Lee left the game, he played very good defense on Ray Allen.
  • The only Net who had a poor game was Yi.  In the fourth quarter he had a turnover and a missed shot, quickly getting pulled in favor of Kris Humphries.