Quick Recap: Boston Celtics 86, New Jersey Nets 76

An awesome effort by the Nets today against the Boston Celtics, holding a lead through the first three quarters before gassing out and letting the Celtics go ahead and hold the lead as the game wound down.  Something that Mike Fratello pointed out during the broadcast.  With only 8 healthy players, you can’t even practice 5-on-5 situations live, so the guys out there didn’t really know what each other would do.  This was amplified by the fact that most of these guys never played together.  Here are some quick immediate reactions from the game.  A more thought out recap will come tomorrow:

  • While I am still on the topic of guys not really knowing where each other were playing, the Nets committed 23 turnovers (20 of which were steals from the Celtics).  However, the Nets did a good job of getting back on defense on those turnovers, only allowing for 24 points off of the turnovers.
  • A look at the silly minutes some guys played.  We had 6 guys get over 30 minutes.  Trenton Hassell followed up a 46 minute game with a 37 minute game.  Brook Lopez had 41, and Rafer Alston lead the group logging 44 minutes.
  • Sean Williams even got some minutes tonight, finishing with 4 points and one explosive dunk.  Would have liked to see him out there in the second half.
  • For the second straight night the Nets won the third quarter.  It looks like they got whatever problem they were having straightened out.
  • I know Brook made a ton of outside shots tonight, but does it make any of you uneasy that he floats on the outside a lot more this year?
  • The Nets were successful running a pick and roll with Rafer and Boone, having Brook Lopez flash the low-post hard.  Brook got two easy buckets from it.
  • Maybe the only benefit of this is that two young guys in the Nets’ future plans (Brook and T-Will) are taking their lumps and growing because of it.  Terrence Williams turned it over a bit today, but you can see he is becoming more comfortable.  A play that exemplifies that was with 5 minutes left in the 3rd T-Will caught a kick-out pass with 3 seconds left on the shot clock.  Instead of forcing up a 3, Terrence pump faked, took a dribble and kicked it out to Rafer.  Rafer drilled a 3 as the shot clock expired.
  • While I am talking about Terrence Williams, remember all my clamoring about how he can effect a game even when not scoring?  Well tonight he was 4-14 with 8 points, but he did have 9 rebounds.  His offensive game has been a nice surprise, but even when he struggles to score, he can still be productive.
  • Josh Boone played great, and I don’t like ripping him after a game like this (12 boards), but is there a big man that doesn’t finish around the rim like him.  He always seems to be falling away from the basket.  Just dunk it Boone!
  • Need something to cheer yourself up?  As I am typing this, the Knicks are getting blown out of the water by the Bucks.