Q&A With David Aldridge

A few days before the draft, TNT’s David Aldridge was kind enough to answer some questions from some bloggers. Well, as the trade deadline approaches, Aldridge did it again, with a question from NetsAreScorching was feature during the chat:

16. If the Nets break the record for most losses, will that keep free agents from signing with New Jersey? (Sebastian Pruiti — Nets Are Scorching)

DA: I think it’s going to be difficult for them to attract the difference-making type of free agent. Certainly players like Dwyane and LeBron I don’t think are going to go to New Jersey. But somebody always takes the money. There is always a free agent that wants to get paid, so they will have the ability to sign one or two maybe second or third tier free agents, depending on who they consider to be second or third tier free agents. They should really get somebody and I just don’t know that they’ll be able to get those really special players that can really take you somewhere. And that to me is the dilemma New Jersey has is how much money do you put into good but not great players and I think that’s what they’ll be able to get this summer.

You should seriously go check out the whole thing, since there is ton of great info and questions from fellow bloggers.  A big thanks goes out to NBA.com for setting this up and to David Aldridge for taking the time out to answer these questions.