Put New Jersey on Your Jersey

When grandstanding politicians take on billionaire sports team owners it’s like the insufferable force vs. the unbearable object.

But that hasn’t stopped NJ Senate Minority Whip Kevin O’Toole (R-Cedar Groves) from calling on all sports teams that play in New Jersey to show their state pride by placing the words “New Jersey” somewhere on their uniforms (this also includes you Jets and Giants).

As first reported at PolitickerNJ.com, the Office of Legislative Services is crafting a bill that would prevent tax dollars from being siphoned to teams that don’t say “New Jersey” on their jerseys.

In a statement, O’Toole said:

“The taxpayers of this state have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into infrastructure upgrades in the Meadowlands where all the teams play their home games. Is it too much to ask that professional sports teams that benefit from the support of the New Jersey taxpayer recognize the state on their uniforms?”

Of course, the Nets are the catalyst in all this after the team acknowledged they had stripped “New Jersey” off their new red road jerseys for the upcoming season. That could have something to do with that whole wanting to move to Brooklyn thing.

Posted by Mark Ginocchio