Prospect Watch: Reggie Bullock

Reggie Bullock
Reggie Bullock (AP)

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Reggie Bullock
Reggie Bullock (AP)

School: University of North Carolina
Class: Junior
Height: 6’7″
Weight: 200
Wingspan: 6’9″
Per-game stats: 31.4 MIN, 13.9 PTS, 2.9 AST, 6.5 REB, 1.3 STL, 1.2 TOV, .483 FG%, .436 3PT%, .767 FT%.

Why Should The Nets Draft Reggie Bullock? This depends on Billy King’s opinions on MarShon Brooks. Brooks may be on the outs, and if so, Brooklyn may look to draft his replacement. Bullock would be a great choice to serve behind Joe Johnson. His shooting touch off the bench can buoy the expected loss of C.J. Watson: Bullock shot 43% from three this year at UNC and saved the Tarheels on many occasions.

The Tarheels weren’t highly recognized this year, but you may have heard his name after he dropped 15 points on Villanova in the first round of this year’s NCAA Tournament. This may seem ridiculous because Bullock only scored 15, but he was the most important player on UNC that day. Every time it seemed like the Wildcats were clawing back into the game, Bullock would hit another three.

A great rebounder for his size, he could be a nice piece off the bench for Brooklyn. Bullock moves well without the ball, much like the other elite shooters in the NBA (Green, Curry), and plays within his game.

With the explosion of former Tarheel Danny Green in the NBA Finals, Bullock could be an attractive prospect come draft day — a lethal three point shooter than can contribute in other facets of the game.

Also, and most importantly: who could resist having TWO Reggies on the team?

Why the Nets shouldn’t draft Reggie Bullock: He’s not tough enough to play in the NBA- at least not yet. says that he’s not very good at 1v1 skills. Translation: only shoots wide open threes.

Although Bullock has a nice Eurostep, he is definitely a finesse player. His defense and aggressiveness left a lot to be desired and sounds like a player that lives only beyond the three-point line, which is a high-risk niche. The Nets are in win-now mode and a one-dimensional player like Bullock doesn’t seem like the best pick.

Have the Nets worked out Reggie Bullock? They have, and they like him.

Will Reggie Bullock be available at 22? Possibly. Mock drafts are all over the place and some have him falling to the mid-second round. But with his workouts impressing people in the midst of Danny Green’s ascension to NBA History, someone could gamble on Bullock early.

Should the Nets move up to get Reggie Bullock? No. Chances are he’ll be available at 22, and if he’s not, then some team took a huge gamble. I’d be OK with picking up Bullock if the Nets buy into the 2nd round, but that first pick should probably be someone else.

Final Verdict: If he’s there at 22, I’d consider it. It really does depend on a litany of other things. Is Crabbe available? Is Hardaway Jr.? Has Dieng been picked? Gobert? The Nets need to look long at the center position with their first pick. If all the great ones (IE: not Jeff Withey) are gone and they do look towards the guard spot, is Bullock the guy they want? Not if other tougher, more skilled players are still on the board.

I like Bullock, and if the Nets were the Kings or Bobcats, I’d love for him to develop into one of the best NBA shooters, but the Brooklyn Nets are a playoff team and an organization that needs to win now. Bullock is a long term project. If you want three-point shooting without defense… sign Anthony Morrow.