Prospect Videos: Power Forwards

Prospect Videos:  Power Forwards

I know the small forwards were done a little while ago, but here is the second half of the prospect videos.  Here are all of the power forwards that I would like to see the Nets take…remember they are not in any specific order.  Well, except for Blake Griffin.  

Blake Griffin:

Jordan Hill:

Earl Clark:

DeJaun Blair:

James Johnson:

Jarvis Varnado:

Dante Cunningham:

Taj Gibson:

Jeff Pendergraph:

Notice any similarities between these players?  None of these guys are too polished on the offensive end (well, except for Blake Griffin), but all of these guys work their butts off on defense.  That’s what the Nets need, a 4 who will play defense, work hard, and rebound.  Hopefully one of these guys will be available at the spot we are drafting.