Proposed 300 Player, 20-team Deal Still in the Works

I guess for old times sake, it’s time to dust this post off:

Thursday Jan. 13 Update: Fred Kerber is reporting with optimism that the originally proposed three-team trade between the Nets, Pistons and Nuggets, bringing Carmelo Anthony, Rip Hamilton and Chauncy Billups to NJ may happen “soon” and we’re talking this weekend.

Monday Afternoon Update: After Denver continued their waffling, Troy Murphy was “sick” and not at practice. Meanwhile, the media is not allowed to speak to anyone else in the rumored trade. I’m basing this on nothing but my gut, but I forsee this trade falling apart. If that’s the case, Billy King, Avery Johnson or somebody needs to step forward and say trade talks are over … for good. Letting this play out until the trade deadlines serves no one.

Monday Morning Update: Still no deal as of this morning, and Anthony made some cryptic comments after a game against the Hornets. But Nets and league officials are optimistic that something goes down and soon, or the Nets won’t be able to dress enough players for Wednesday’s game against Phoenix. In addition to Anthony, Richard Hamilton and Chauncy Billups to the Nets here’s the latest roll call from Fred Kerber:

The Nets essentially would gut their roster. Eight Nets would be headed out in the pre-snag scenario. Prized rookie Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, Anthony Morrow, Quinton Ross, Ben Uzoh and Stephen Graham and at least two first-round picks would go to Denver. The Nets would receive Shelden Williams and Anthony Carter from Denver to join the holdovers: Brook Lopez, Travis Outlaw, Kris Humphries, Sasha Vujacic, Jordan Farmar and Damion James.

Troy Murphy, who has a desirable expiring $11.9 million contract, and Johan Petro would be bound for Detroit. One holdup in the discussions regarded Petro after the Pistons balked at taking the 7-footer, whom the Nets signed for three years and $10 million over the summer. The Nets may also include a draft pick to Detroit.

For what it’s worth, I have’t heard anything further on the Billups would be bought out rumor that was circulating Saturday night.

Sunday Night Update: It’s getting real close folks. Expect something by tomorrow.

Consider this your ‘Melo open thread for the day. Despite some reports that Chauncy Billups wants nothing to do with New Jersey if he’s traded, Al Iannazzone is reporting the big three-team trade referred to yesterday, which would be the biggest in NBA history, is still in the works. Here’s the latest roll call from Al:

In the proposed three-team trade, first reported by The Record on Friday, the main players the Nets would get in return are Anthony and point guard Chauncey Billups from Denver and Detroit shooting guard Richard Hamilton.

The Nets would send Devin Harris, rookie power forward Derrick Favors, Anthony Morrow, Stephen Graham, Ben Uzoh and at least two first-round picks to Denver and Troy Murphy, Johan Petro and Quinton Ross to Detroit. The Nets also would receive big man Sheldon Williams from Denver and guard Terrico White from Detroit. Additional players would change teams to make the salaries match.