Projecting The Depth Chart

I know it is probably way too early at this point since we haven’t seen these guys play together, but I figured since the Nets have their roster full at 15, and they don’t seem to be moving anyone at this point, I guess now is as good a time as any to start looking how the roster breaks down.

Point Guard:

  1. Devin Harris
  2. Rafer Alston
  3. Keyon Dooling
  4. Terrence Williams

Shooting Guard:

  1. Courtney Lee
  2. Keyon Dooling
  3. Terrence Williams

Small Forward:

  1. Chris Douglas-Roberts
  2. Jarvis Hayes
  3. Terrence Williams

Power Forward:

  1. Yi
  2. Tony Battie
  3. Sean Williams


  1. Brook Lopez
  2. Josh Boone
  3. Tony Battie

Inactive List:

  1. Eduardo Najera
  2. Trenton Hassell
  3. Bobby Simmons

A couple things to note.  I got Courtney Lee starting at the SG spot because I don’t really think he is big enough to play SF, but he can in a bind.  I have Terrence Williams slotted in the 1/2/3 spot because I am not too sure about how the Nets are going to use him.  After watching the preseason, we should get a better idea of that.  This depth chart reflects the beginning of the season, which is why I have Jarvis Hayes in front of Terrence Williams.  I don’t think this will last, I think that it is going to be similar to the Josh Boone/Brook Lopez situation last year.

The fact that everyone is still unsure about Najera’s ability to play is why I have him starting out the year on the IL, but I could see him replacing Sean Williams at any moment.  The third spot on the injured list is going to be the most interesting spot in my opinion.  Bobby Simmons should be there, that isn’t even a question in my mind.  However, the question is will the Nets put him there.  Maybe Lawrence Frank is going to want an experienced guy starting off the season for him, maybe Rod and Kiki are going to want them to play so that his trade value can be upped.  If he isn’t the 3rd guy on the Injured List, then who is?  That is a good question.  Probably Tony Battie.

Published by Sebastian Pruiti