Programming note: Nets are Scorching TV (#NASTV) Tonight at 7! Also, Dwight Howard stuff

Hey, guys. On the day that practice facilities open for the Nets, Justin DeFeo and I will host our first non-lockout episode of Nets are Scorching TV. We’ll talk Atlantic Division with John Kenney and Robert Silverman of KnickerBlogger, and Ryan DeGama of CelticsBlog from 7-8 PM EST.

You can watch, ask us questions, and generally be merry. We’ll talk about it on Twitter (with the hashtag #NASTV) as well, so if there are any topics you want us to touch on, let us know.

Also, here is a quote from Billy King regarding the Dwight Howard rumors:

“I’ll go on the record that I haven’t talked to Orlando about a trade since February, right before the trade deadline,” King said. “I have not had any conversations at all with my good friend Otis (Smith, the Magic general manager).

“So, I don’t know where that is coming from.”

Via ESPN AP — NBA teams, agents begin talks