Preseason Game 7 Open Thread

Hey guys, here is your open thread for tonight’s game.  A few things to watch for:

  • CDR and his defense.  I know I harp on this a lot, but this is what worries me about his move to SF.  The Nets did a good job hiding him on the defensive end last game (putting him on Jarred Jeffries), but that isn’t going to work tonight.  CDR is going to go up against a bigger Thaddus Young, so this is a true test for CDR.
  • Three point shooting.  I sure do sound like a broken record huh?  The Sixers were the worst 3 point shooting team in the league last year, if they start hitting threes against us (they hit 1 last game), there are some serious problems.
  • Can Yi stop Brand?  Yi has been more aggressive and has been somewhat consistent this preseason.  This is a big test for him, Brand is a great player out of the post, I don’t want to see Yi shy away from the physical play, I want him to get tough with Brand.